Mister M Kan Marcus 3.0
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A New Phase – Marcus 3.0

I remember someone told me in May that 2020 can be my best year yet (even though we are all affected by COVID). At first, I was skeptical about it, but today, I am agreeing to it wholeheartedly. In a short period of time, I have unexpectedly transformed into Marcus 3.0.

This is a very spontaneous change. I feel like somehow I just switched on another path and start running on it. My body feels new, so is my mindset. I am excited about the future because I can see my goals clearly. This new form has been showing me the unlimited potential I can have, as long as I have the right mindset. I have to admit, this version of me is the fittest to date!

Mister M Kan Marcus 3.0 Lavender Farm

What excited me about this 3.0 transformation is that I am more aligned with my higher self right now. I am finally listening to my inner child, embracing my dominant feminine energy, and building a solid foundation on my masculine energy. Another amazing thing is my body and soul are finally moving in the same direction! This vessel is ready for bigger things!

Mister M Kan Marcus 3.0

It’s funny that every day when I wake up, I have to relearn who I am. Everything feels new to me. People always say you need to fall in love with yourself to understand life, and I finally understand this concept. The moment I fall in love with myself is the moment I start to unlock my potential. And trust me, some unexpected opportunities have come to me once I switched to this new path!

Are you feeling stuck? If so, I have one questions for you:

When this pandemic is over, do you want to show a new version of you to the world? Or do you want to go back to your old self and continue to struggle?

The choice is yours. Trust your instinct and choose your path.

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