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2020: Transformation

2020 was an interesting year. I would not say this year was the best year for everyone, but for me, it was the year of transformation.

2020 was probably the shortest and longest year out of all the years I have experienced. Yes, this is a very weird description to describe the year. A lot of things have happened but at the same time, I felt they all happened yesterday. Maybe because we were all trapped inside our houses most of the time, so everything just blended together. In a sense, time didn’t matter anymore. Everyday was pretty much the same.

January to March was very busy for me. I recreated the Draw A Dot website, planning what to do for the year, and also getting some amazing jobs for the artists. Everything was running smoothly until March 15. On March 16, the entire city shut down. All events in March and April I have booked for my artists were canceled. It was a disaster, but I was telling myself this would pass and things would slowly pick up in May. During those few months, I did learn something new and had some amazing interviews on Instagram with some great artists. I also had the opportunity to catch up on some of the shows I missed. Therefore, I considered that time was a mini-break.

However, the COVID situation didn’t slow down and in June, I could tell my energy was starting to drain. I felt I had lost my purpose so I started to feel hollow inside me. I was not depressed but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. At that moment, someone in my life invited me to attend a self-improvement workshop on Facebook. I didn’t gain a lot of things from that workshop, but it was like a wake-up call telling me I needed to transform and change my life around.

Starting in July, I started to develop a new routine. I started to work out, meditate and read again. I decided to spend time investing in myself. As many of you probably know by now, I have entered the 3.0 transformation phase.

Today is the last day of 2020 and I can say my body and mind are finally on the same page. I am very different than the person I was in January 2020 and I really like who I am right now. My social circle is way smaller than before and this gives me the chance to focus on the people that matter to me. I am grateful to pull myself out from the victim mindset and focus on creations. Stay in my own lane is fun, as long as I know what I am doing!

In conclusion, 2020 is a year of self-improvement. I have equipped new skills to deal with challenges. I am not sure what kind of things are in store for me in 2021, but I know I am ready to tackle them. Thank you 2020 for giving me this transformation.

Happy New Year!

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