About Me

Marcus Kan About Me

10 years ago, I started my first fashion blog called Fusion of Effects. Since then, I have been getting a lot of great opportunities because of blogging.

In 2013, Draw A Dot was born. Originally it was a blog focusing on fashion illustrations. Fast forward to 2020, it is now one of the biggest fashion illustration online platforms in the world. I am super thankful for all the collaborations I have done with different brands and illustrators.

I created my third blog called Mister M Kan in 2018. It was a platform for me to share my personal growth experience. Unfortunately in September 2019, both Draw A Dot and this blog were hacked. In the end, I lost all my entries.

In February 2020, I relaunched Draw A Dot and was happy with the outcome. At the same time, I was debating if I wanted to reopen Mister M Kan and continue sharing my experience with you.

During the Covid-19 self-isolation period, I woke up one day and my instinct told me it is time to relaunch it. I don’t really have a plan for this site except continue sharing my experience with you. Based on my past experience, I do believe going with the flow is the best way to do things right now so let’s see where this site is going to take me next.

Sit tight because the journey is about to resume!