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To Be Seen and Heard, It All Starts With Me

One of the things I am learning right now is to acknowledge my inner self. When I was studying Dr. Nicole LePera‘s teachings, I realized I am like many people, I require people to see me or hear my opinions. If I don’t get the attention, my mind will start to create stories to create doubts and fears.

Texting is one of the good examples. I don’t feel good when I text someone and don’t get a reply. My inner child feels hurt and my ego will come out to protect me. When this kind of situation happens, my mind will start to create stories such as I am bothering people or I am not worth their attention. Eventually, this will lead to self-doubts and more negative thoughts.

The reason I need to be seen or heard is that I don’t support my inner self. Instead of approving my own actions, I require people to tell me I have the right to exist in this world. This shows that I am not a secure and confident person. According to a lot of articles I have read, a person’s mental health should not be affected by people’s reactions. How they react towards me is their own business and can reflect their mental status. If I give in and react in a negative way, that means I am looking for excuses to lower my self-worth. When a person has accumulated enough of this kind of energy, then they may start to hate themself.

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Now that I have identified this problem, here is a list of things I have been doing to remind myself who is in charge of my own life:

  • My action is aligned with my true self. If that’s the case, then other’s negative reaction should not affect me.
  • Clearly know my intention when I do something. If the intention is that I want to be seen and heard by others, then I am on the wrong track.
  • Be my own number 1 fan. Always acknowledge the actions I do.
  • There is no point to feel sad because it is not worth my time. I cannot control how people treat me.
  • I do not hold grudge against people. It is because their reaction is a reflection of their mental state.

I can tell you that there are days I still have that neglected feeling. Since there is no instant fix on mental issues, I will continue to work on myself so that I can see improvements and be better every day. If you have any tips on how to acknowledge one’s inner self, please let me know.

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