The Birth of Adwin

Adwin has finally landed at the Draw A Dot online store this month and he is now the mascot of Draw A Dot. Even though he is new to the community, I actually have him on my computer since 2008.

First creation. 2008.

Adwin was created when I was lost in life in 2008. At that time, I had no idea what I wanted to do after I graduated from University. I took some time off to learn photography and graphic design. I remember I created Adwin on a piece of paper when I was on the plane to Las Vegas. After I came back from the trip, I decided to learn Adobe Illustrator and turned that hand-drawn image into digital illustration. Above was the first draft.

Inspired by my trip to Venice

In a way, Adwin is me in cartoon form. He loves music (that’s why he has his headphones on 24/7) and he is an adventurous creature. I give him a roly-poly toy body because he can always stand back up after a fall. This design reflects how I feel about life: no matter how many times I fail in life, I can still stand back up and move on.

Adwin used to have many colourful headphones

I have used this character for some of my personal projects including my first business card. A lot of my close friends have seen this character and Adwin always brings a smile to them. I always wanted to introduce him to a wider audience but the opportunity didn’t show up until 13 years later. This year (2021) I have launched the Draw A Dot online store and I have the perfect role for him – the mascot of my brand. He doesn’t only represent me, but he also represents the adventurous side of artists.

The illustrations that are at the store right now are just some of the pieces I have created in the past years. I still have some characters I have created that are not seen by the public yet. I would love to release them sometime soon and that will depend on how the public responds to Adwin.

If you would love to support me, please visit the online store and get yourself a tote bag! I plan to come up with a new design each month so stay tuned!

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