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All My EMOtions NFT Collection – I am AME#00027

Today Daniel Muñoz is finally releasing the first 50 hand-drawn NFTs of his All My EMOtions NFT collection! I am grateful to be part of it and this NFT piece means a lot to me.

While working with Daniel on this project, I had to revisit one of the darkest periods in my life. August 2018 was a nightmare. I suffered from depression and thought everything was falling apart in my life. Hope didn’t exist during that period. All I wanted to do was to hide inside my house and speak to no one. I felt alone. I felt unseen.

Fast forward to 2022. I am glad that I have a great supporting system so that I can walk away from that black hole. Because of what I have experienced before, I feel it is important to talk about mental health and keep our mental health in check from time to time.

I understand a lot of people are not willing to speak about their mental health problems openly because they feel shame when people know about their problems. Therefore, this NFT serves as a mask so people who own an NFT from the All My EMOTions NFT collection can talk about their mental health struggles anonymously. Moreover, we are working with mental health experts to provide support to people who are struggling with mental health issues.

The reason I choose this helmet girl to represent me is that when I was dealing with depression, I shut myself down. I didn’t want to talk to people and just wanted to live in my own world. I had to put on a mask and pretend I was ok so no one would know I had problems.

We plan to expand the All My EMOTions NFT collection so that we can reach out to more people. Our main goal is simple. We want to connect with people and provide a safe space for them to talk about their struggles.

Bill Gates believes owning an Ape NFT cannot save the world (and I agree), but with this project, we believe we can connect with people again and be on the same journey together!

Please visit the All My EMOtions IG account for more information. The IG post below is my mental health story. Please turn the sound on.

Always remember, you are never alone on this journey. ❤️

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