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A Place Called Home

You might have heard me saying this strange phrase “I want to go back home” from time to time. This does not mean I don’t have a place to live right now, but somehow, I always feel where I am living is not my home. But today, I think I have finally found a place called home.

Marcus Kan Vancouver A Place Called Home

Even I feel weird to say this, but I am currently in Vancouver waiting for my plane to head back to Toronto. Traveling during the pandemic is an interesting experience and I am thankful to have made a decision to make this happen.

The 3rd lockdown has drained my mental energy and I knew I had to fly out to recharge. Vancouver has always been the destination I wanted to go back and my intuition was telling me this would be the destination for me to heal my mental health.


Everything seemed to align once I made the decision to fly out. From flight to the place I stayed, everything just happened magically. My goals for this trip were simple: I wanted to run along the Seawall and eat.

I got what I wanted and there were also a few surprises that happened during this trip. I can’t explain this feeling, but I feel like home when I was in this city. That sunset was the most beautiful thing I have seen for a while.

Richmond Vancouver

Perhaps I am at a different stage now, so I am looking for a place that can give me a work-life balance lifestyle.

Thanks to everyone who showed up on this trip. “Because I can” is the new motto for me. I am thankful and grateful for this magical healing trip.

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